UCLA Projects

This page contains links to few of our project works (photographic as well as movie), movie analyses and photographs of the UCLA campus. Hope you enjoy it...!

UCLA Campus Pics

Photos taken in and around the campus of UCLA; University of California (Los Angeles). Established as a public university in 1919, UCLA is one of America's premier universities. UCLA faculty rank among the world's best in teaching and research having won prestigious awards including the Nobel Prize. Over the years, UCLA has ranked in the top 10 Activist Campuses, reflecting the rallying spirit of its student bodies over the years. The UCLA Film and Television Archive is the largest university-based archive in the world. For the past several years, no American university has had more applicants than UCLA.

With its official motto: "Let There Be Light", UCLA has surely been a beacon of light in my life...!

Swati's cinematography project

Project-work done under the guidance of Mr. Deland Nuse; cinematographer / teacher in Fall 2006. The project includes still photos based on Ansal Adams' Zone system.

Aradhana's cinematography project

Still photography based on the zone system devised by the legendary Ansal Adams comprise this project done in Fall 2006. This project was part of a curriculum for Cinematography-I taught by Mr. Deland Nuse.

Apocalypse Now
Movie Analysis by Swati

As part of the course "Cinematography I" in Fall 2006, thsi paper is a cinematographic exploration of the epic "Apocalypse Now" directed by Francis Ford Coppola!

Doctor Zhivago
Movie Analysis by Aradhana

This paper analyses the cinematographic themes and motifs of the film "Doctor Zhivago" directed by David Lean. The paper was written in Fall 2006.

Swati's Short Movie

Love in a divided world is a modern adapatation of Romeo and Juliet. This scene was filmed on UCLA campus using professional actors in Winter 2006.

Our story is set in today's USA, strongly divided where a catholic Julia (Juliet) falls in love with a Muslim Ahmed ( Romeo). Lawrence is Julia's childhood friend. They study in UCLA!  Julia's father, a staunch catholic, is a senator, suspicious of all Muslims. Since Ahmed is out of the country and Julia's father has threatened her, she has no place to go except come and pour her heart out to her childhood friend Lawrence.  Lawrence has been her friend for a long time but he is an introvert. His most precious possession is his friendship with Julia with whom he is in love but.Julia is unaware of his feelings. This scene charters the disbalance in their relationship, the journeys they both make and  foreshadows the perils their decisions might bring to them.....

Aradhana's Short Movie

This is a short film shot and directed in UCLA campus using professional actors in Winter 2006. This was part of a Directing Workshop. 

As the title suggests, this is the crossing of the line for the main protagonist in this scene; John from his comfort zone to helping a person on the other side of the society.
This scene is a modification of a scene from the famous Oscar winning movie "Philadelphia".  In a nut shell, it tells the true story of an AIDS patient who is homo sexual and is fired from his office (where he is very successful) because of two reasons: he has the dreaded "AIDS" and secondly he is homosexual. His attorney in this movie is this rich elite white successful lawyer. So,  David is black, homosexual, not very well to do while John is a very successful "straight" lawyer dealing with the upper class, having a big office in a posh location, going out to clubs etc.... very affluent.. Of course, John wont take David's case because of ignorance against AIDS, prejudice against homo-sexuality and the strong class discriminations that exists in America just as much as any other society.

The scene charters John's transformation from a guy who lives in superficiality to a human being moved by the compassion & humanity and his conscience. He is affected deeply by David' determination to fight and overcomes his sense of discrimination for the "greater good". Also he develops a lasting friendship with David since the only thing that keeps people together and sane is humanity and compassion.